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About The Pagan Diet©

Praise for The Pagan Diet©  -- available on Amazon Kindle too

"I started reading and I couldn't put it down, everything is so relevant to me and my life. I have been fasting and now am planning my first 10 day Master Cleanse"

"You said to give myself a week with the fasting - I went ahead and started a 10 day Master Cleanse, then cancelled the surgery on my knee! Feeling great, repair is taking place and all inflammation is gone"

"Dear April, I am only a few pages into your new book and already I am excited about making these changes to my life. I have been fasting and am working my way up to my goal of 30 hours a week - people are telling me I look different and I just started!"

"Hi April; I took your advice and incorporated fasting into my life over the past 3 months for about 24 hours each week. It has changed my life, the way I eat and feel and I have lost a stone and half. Ready to move on to the next phase."

"April, I fasted over the weekend like you said, inflammation is gone from my back, I have full mobility back and I am planning a cleanse, Thank you for this!"

The Pagan Diet

April's Comments on The Pagan Diet

I say in the book, fasting has changed my life and I am not kidding, not one aspect of my life, my eating, the way I think about or look at food, even the way that I physically look is the same. My family is different the way we interact and treat each other is kinder, softer and we have more fun with each other. For the first time in my life I can honestly say that I feel and look like myself - I no longer look in the mirror and see someone that I do not recognize - I see me, a slim, vibrant and healthy face smiles back!

And this is only the tip of a very large iceberg - the single biggest change for me has been my mind and all that goes on in it. My thinking, reasoning, thought process has altered, I just go about living my life in a new way with this clear mind that is sharp and focused. These changes are like a bonus because to be honest with you I would have been happy with just losing the excess weight and keeping it off without a struggle!

And when I say that this is easy - I mean it. Everyone who gives Food, Fast & Feast an honest try comes back afterwards to let me know how easy this is, that incorporating day on/day off fasting into their own lives has been like giving themselves permission to get off of the dieting cycle and food merry-go-round. 

Get the book, start fasting, clean up your life and detox, make these changes in your life and watch the magic that happens! 


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